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Dont forget to get your tickets for the Halloween Party @ The Club on Sat 27th October !!!
Tickets are £7.50 per adult, £5 per child to include food and entertainment !
Tickets available from Lewis's Coffee Shop !

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We have already been asked about tickets for the Snowball on Dec 8th and have potentially sold 2 tables !! If you are interested in taking a table (8,10 or 12 people) , please advise us asap.
Glass of fizz on arrival - 3 course meal - live music from The Sweetest Thing !
Tickets £30 per head.

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We are now collecting wood for our Community Bonfire on Sat 3 November. If you have any wood - please can you leave it within the cordoned area at the Club - Many Thanks ! ...

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We are now starting to collect wood for our Community Bonfire on Sat 3 November. If you have any wood - please can you leave it within the cordoned area at the Club - Many Thanks ! ...

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Upcoming Events @ The Club:
Sat 27 October - Family Halloween Party
Sat 3rd November - Bonfire & Fireworks
Fri 16th November - Fabulous Comedy Night
Sat 8th December - Farndons SnowBall
Friday 14th Dec - Farndons Christmas Market with Carols

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Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting at The Club on 14 June.  It was overall a very positive meeting and gave us, Farndon Community Trust, the opportunity to explain what our hopes and visions are for The Club.

For those that could not attend the meeting – this is that The Club is a club for the village, it is there to provide activities and events that YOU want to see and to support. The Club will only be successful financially IF the village supports it in terms of attending events and using it as a sporting and social hub.

Many thanks to those people who volunteered their services, we will be in touch very shortly with more details of how your offers can help us.

A brief synopsis of some of the questions asked:

Will the grass on the football field be mown regularly – YES ( The field is owned by Barnston Estates and leased to the Parish Council.  It is separate to The Club but can be used by The Club and associated Farndon football clubs).

Can we have nets on the foothball posts – YES – this is one of a long shopping list of items, as are 5 a side posts/nets.

Can the Bowling green be hired – Yes by members of The Club.  The Bowling section of The Club is looking to encourage new members for a possible new league starting on a Thursday night and also to encourage youngsters to get involved in the sport.  We will be organising a trial day in the future.

It was suggested that there be a meeting with local schools to see what they wanted.  This is already happening with Farndon Primary School and we will be looking to develop links with youngsters attending Bishop Heber who live locally.

Is the Hall available to hire – YES

There is a lot of potetial for development of both social and sporting activities to take place at The Club – however this needs two things – VOLUNTEERS to take on the coaching or development of a new club and MONEY to improve the existing infrastructure.  The trustees are currently exploring possible grants.


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